Monday, November 03, 2008

They say a week is a long time in Politics, well i think the same can be said of Blogging!! As my own ramblings are of worldwide importance and whatever i say could possibly swing the vote in the American election, i have been instructed by my team of advisors to resume my writings for the benefit of the reading public and the future of mankind as a whole. No pressure then, :-S. I may not be saving the world, although i have been known to throw on a spandex onesy while spinning in a phone-box, (although the alarming depletion in the number of boxes has led to a few minor convictions for indecent exposure) the truth is i haven't been very well of late and had to head home early last week after a few of the shows and straight into my leaba to sleep off a nasty bout of the flu...If you ever get the flu you know what it's like - swimming upstream with a head full of snot, while you have the strength of Montgomery Burns. Thankfully i'm coming to the end of my little adventure and hoping that it clears this week *throws fist in the air*!!! In the meantime it's high time I threw together some bits and pieces for you to chew on -

On Friday we broadcast from Blackpool Shopping Centre for a very special Halloween themed show. Here was the set-up on the bridge looking across the centre:

...i think we must have been on a toilet break here...although the show continued without us...ooooohhhhhh SPOOKY!!!

...i know it looks like the fair City cast in rehearsals but it is infact the Wolfe School of Dance who performed a brilliant and scary (i'm still wearing my adult nappy) rendition of 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson. Well done girls it was class!!

And a Shaggy Dog Story!!!

Here's something i found in the archives. It's me and my dog equivalent at the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind open day a few months back!

Here's the latest installation from self styled Urban Artist BANKSY...He's the guy who's little graffitti rats, cops and various characters have been unleashed on London for the last ten years. He is now moving into animatronics and has set up this so-called "Pet Shop" in the middle of New York. I think it's brilliant. See for yourself.

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