Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"ARIGHT DER LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Calm down calm down i was only away for one day!!!"

Spent the weekend in the Pool but am now convinced that every weekend i go away the head takes a further two days to reconfigure back to normality and getting up at the devil's hourv in the morning!! As you can imagine i've had to crowbar myself out of the scratcher since i got back into the swing of things on Tuesday. I lived in the Pool for a few years after attending College there so it has a plaxce in my hear (and my pocket)...I think i spent the annual Gross National Product of a mini African country in my time living there...mainly playing pool in cosey corners of bars!! *ahhh the memories* Well a lot has changed and for the better. When i was there some of the places we lived actually resembled the set of a War movie after the blitz or the centre of Beirut. Thankfully, because of the Capital of Culture 2008 status, the regeneration of the City is well underway and it is fantastic. Spent Sunday checking out a new shopping mall called Liverpool 1, it's one of the biggest in Europe and is could find yourself conducting some serious open wallet surgery...without anaesthetic...oooohhhhhhhh.

*celebrity spot* Well i didn't see her but i was there when the text was received! We were sitting in my mate's new house in the Pool cooing over his new kids ...he's had twins...and there's us thinking he had no bullets in the barrell!! The phone goes and my mate's girlfriend got a text telling her that AMY WINEHOUSE IS SITTING OUTSIDE THE BEEHIVE BAR IN TOWN. Yes...THE BEEHIVE...i'm not shitting you!! The pub is a real old man's haunt where bicycle clips, nose hairs and a musty smell will guaranteee entry, hence Amy's arrival.

Crazy trip eh!? Not really, but i like to chill back these days with my pipe and slippers ...and it was a brilliant craic.

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