Thursday, October 23, 2008

The ultimate in car crash TV. Kerry Katona on This Morning breakfast show clearly not in a right state of mind. Reminds me of a British Britney and unfolding like one of those vaudeville freak shows in the Midwest of America. "Ladies and Gentleman, roll up, roll up and see this former "star" self destruct in front of your very eyes" Painful.

Moving on to something much more upbeat and someone who's head is firmly attached to their shoulders. This morning we had the brilliant Irish singer/songwriter Wallis Bird in the studio for a live acoustic session. She is definitely one of the soundest and most affable guests we had on the show and she gave us a fantastic burst of her new single - Blossoms in the Street from her album Spoons. Check it out. Let's face it she's the only guest we've had that has had stamps made for her! (a very practical gift from a fan...weird but surprisingly useful...she used them to post a letter and they worked!!!!)

Here she is -

And finally it looks like the government have turned to Defence Minister, Wee Willie O'Dea to sort out the Medical Card fiasco:

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