Monday, November 24, 2008


Niall Breslin or "Bres" as he is known now that we are bessie mates and his fantastic band The Blizzards are confirmed as the first of two headline acts to play at the inaugral Jingle-Bell Ball being held at The Pavillion on December 13th. Bres popped in to The Rooster today to play the Feely Guessy Band lead-singer game with Eimear. The object of the game was for Eimear (wearing blindfold) to guess who the lead singer of our band was through only touch alone. At about 6'5" tall and just a few inches short of being a giant she had plenty to grab on to...(oh er missus). Tickets are free but we are asking all winners to make a generous donation on the night to the Breast Cancer Research Charity in Cork to guarantee entry. In the coming weeks we will be releasing more tickets so make sure you are listening across the day!!!

Another major act to be added to the bill very soon!

I really should get a little portable box for these things...

In other news:
"Hi, my name is Pat also affectionately known as 'The Plank'. It's time to get wood and welcome to the Late Late Show...The Satanic Sluts"

"Sure you would see more in a Marks and Spencer's lingerie ad". If you are unfamiliar with the work of Satanic Sluts. One of the dancers is a certain Georgina Bailie, who gained notoriety after being the Grand-daughter of Andrew Sachs a.k.a. Manuel from Fawlty Towers and the lady who Johnathan Ross blurted out that had "f*cked" Russell Brand. That wasn't the only controversy of the night...Pat, who probably maintains that stiff hair in the height of passion during sessions with his wife while watching re-runs of Kenny Live (apologies to all for conjuring up an image of Kenny Live....uugghhhhh Jesus) managed to lose it when a contestant over the phone said she wasn't "particularly interested" in winning tickets to The Toy Show...

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