Thursday, April 10, 2008

With all the furore about the Olympics and the protests about the treatment of the people in Tibet, China's preparations for it's English speaking visitors continues unabated. Here is a selection of photos demonstarting that sometimes a direct translation isn't always the best policy!!!

Makes more sense than a f*ckin labrador puppy pulling sheets of shitroll...

Careful you don't catch one of these guys burrowing up your jacksee...Moles...great bunch a lads.

Good to know a helping hand is nearby!!

Bring your own rod.

Look i don't normally arrive this's the first time it's happened...honest.

Find yourself in China.

Put your arse on a diet.

The first rule of Female Club is you don't talk about Female Club...second rule is...AAAAAARRGGGHHH GOD ALMIGHTY YOU WEREN'T EVEN LISTENING TO THE FIRST ONE WERE YE???!!!!! *slams door*

And finally Mikey Graham makes his attempt at an acting career in a new show called Hollywood Trials on RTE2 tonight. Regular Logbook Bloggers will be familiar with this clip but if ye haven't seen it yet...sit back relax and bask in the emotive power that is 'Fatal Deviation' Mikey's first foray towards movie stardom...

loads more clips of his heroics on youtube

To learn more about Ireland's only full length Martial arts movie set in Meath!! Go to -

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