Tuesday, April 08, 2008

An album so incredible it would reach the top of the charts. (Ok maybe not... but if it didn't it would be a criminal record)...ok, enough sorry here's the photos -

Amazing beach in Tarifa, Spain ... apparently it's the most southernly point in Europe...a real hotspot for kitesurfers and windsurfers from around the world...they come for the amazing winds...i dont know why they don't just come and see me after a hard night down the 'Raj Palace Indian Restaurant'

Old Marbella in Spain...Old Skool Spanish town, little streets and colourful buildings. By the way, that's a blue pair of jocks drying in the sun - just incase you thought it was something symbolic like I did!

Aerial shot of 'Liondasanda' an incredible huge mountainous region in Spain. It was really windy so the helicopter was pretty scary, thankfully we were able to open the side hatch and I managed to pull this photo off...kinda reminds me of the sands in Star Wars...Okay okay, jaysus there was no helicopter...yeah it was some rocks on the beach...i'm just trying to make it sound exciting...just forget about it.

Bentley Continental Convertible - For the man who has everything...including a wanger the size of an acorn...well i suppose you have to compensate somewhere

Check out the number plate...funniest thing is we saw this get towed!!! Oh the irony!!

"GONE TOSSING" would have prob been more appropriate...This was just one of the ultra wanky overpriced boutique shops with a pair of pink bermuda shorts costing ye about €140...sad.

Woke up on the Wednesday and had this growing out of my ass...went to the doctors...he said i was farting up the wrong tree... if that wasn't bad enough the foot shrunk after wearing me sweaty runners all week

..highlight of the trip - meeting Bertie Ahern relaxing on hol after his shock resignation

Oh Lord help us and just to top off my most amazing Blog entry ever here are some exclusive clips of the movie Mikey Graham (Boyzone) (thats just so you know who he is...lets face it he did fuck all without them) It's called Fatal Deviation and is Ireland's only ever full length Martial Arts movie...filmed in Meath obviously...

Keep watching till about 2 mins into clip and you'll witness Mikey Boyzone in one of his greatest roles ever...think Godfather and Goodfellas...powerful and moving

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