Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We told you about this bunch of loopers this morning called the Westboro Baptist Church...They have previously brought you such endearing websites as, and now they have decided to turn their poisoned eye on our fair isle with...wait for it...GODHATESIRELAND.COM... Oh, yes... according to this group of twisted media loving freaks we are a bunch of "sodomites" and "Ireland is in so much trouble for their outrageous sins and lies. They are beyond salvation because they refuse to repent"...Now I know Steve Staunton is being allowed to fulfil his contract but that's a bit strong!!

I have emailed them an INTERVIEW Request so we'll see if they reply...

Keith Allen versus Westboro Baptist Church...Does Preacher Phelps..the head of this so called Church hate gays because he may be one himself....ummmm

FOX News Anchor Louisa Banderas has on-air verbal battle with one of the Cult Leader's Daughters Shirley Phelps...Imagine Ann Doyle going ballistic like this!!!

Here's an excellent wind-up from some Aussie lads who got down to one of the Church's pickets and met the leader..."Are you flirting with me????!!!!"

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