Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sir Henry’s (Ireland) 2007 Directed by Keith O’Shea

New York had the Paradise Garage, Manchester had the Hacienda and when house music finally arrived on Irish shores, it found a home at Sir Henry’s in Cork. At its peak Sir Henry’s was one of the premier nightclubs on the dance music scene, its sweat drenched walls playing host to some of the greatest DJ’s and club nights in Europe. Its demise and subsequent demolition brought many a tear to people in Cork. Through the eyes of those that played and witnessed the club at its zenith including Sweat Club Founders Greg and Shane, Stevie G, Jim X Comet, Sam O’Neill, Mucca, Ronan C, Colm Moore, Mike Pickering, Graeme Park and Kerri Chandler, the film relives Sir Henry’s at its heyday.

Got my Tuxedo yesterday for the P.P.I. NATIONAL RADIO AWARDS tomorrow night...REDFM has 8 nominations and the ROOSTER is up for BEST BREAKFAST SHOW alongside the likes of Ian Dempsey and 2FM...Fingers crossed...felt like I was getting my Communion again I am not a fan of suits and never feel comfortable!!! Here I am in me TUX...

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