Friday, March 09, 2007

Well its one way to brush your teeth Fair play to Granny on getting up there in the first place... although i seriously recommend some Fixadent next time... and maybe a spare pair of pants

Anyhoo I hope ye are all well and looking forward to the weekend as long as the clouds stop have their meetings above the clouds of Cork then we might have at least one day of dryness cos lets face it this wet stuff unless its alcoholic is really f8ckin annoying.. pardon my French.

Speaking of France i was supposed to go there this weekend but because of unforeseen circumstances ie breaking up with the missus... onwards and upwards... boo hoo i now have defunct tickets with mine and her names on them and they are pointless... Whatever you do when you book with Ryanair make sure that you are definite on the DATES because the f*ckers charge €45 per destination change and €100 per name change ... its a joke so be careful when you are booking... i called them and yer one agreed that if i could find someone with the same names they could go on the flights So if you're name is Lenny call me and i'll send you to Paris...

Anyway enough of my shite have a top weekend and i will see yez on Wednesday as i is heading over to Manchester and Liverpool for the weekend to clear the head... I'll bring ye all back a stick of rock...

Till then Go Well and...



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