Thursday, March 01, 2007

"....oooooooowwwwwwwwww... I was shaking at the knees...could i come again please... you've been Thunderstruck..."

Oh yeah, stroke yer mullet and shake a leg in tight jeans in the straddle position while bopping yer head... this is definitely the tune to have at your Wedding or even Funeral ..!! As they lower ye down!!! Had a wee fella on KIDS IN THE CAR this morning called Ruari O Sullivan from Rathcormac, only 5 and already he is an Air Guitar Master and AC/DC head so we had to get him to bop along to this classic... An on-air first for Cork!!

Also todey we had more chats about SCAMS and especially these Spanish Lottery Shysters... They're about as Spanish as fuckin Ronnie Drew but require you to send them all your details, bank, licence, address etc.. I suppose if your stupid enough or greed takes over you might but I feel sorry for those f*ckwits... seriously. One of the most interesting frauds i found was this gut who wanted me to send him details so he could lodge his WILL with me and distribute to charity... Here's an extract of this clown's scam and a PICTURE of him DYING in Hospital!!!!

"How are you today? Sorry for the delay in getting to you. I just
>>got back from Luton Specialists Hospital. I shall return within the
>>week for brain surgery. The cancer has eaten deep into my brains. I
>>am attaching my picture for your viewing.
>> I unanimously contacted you because I want this money to be used
>>as charity. I did a search through the Internet and found your contact
>>I am sorry if I had pried into your privacy. I only want to delegate
>>you as the funds disburser and I shall WILL my money that has been
>>deposited in a UK bank to you so that you will share it amongst the
>>less privileged. You will get some percentage for your hard work.
>> All the necessary document for this to be done is ready and will be
>>sent to you. Please send me your following details:
>>This will make it more easier for the funds to be transferred.
>>Thank you.


and please check out and read his STORY ITS CLASS!!!!

FINALLY - if you want to get on NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED Transition Year special you have to be aged between 14 - 17. Check and download application form


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