Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Started by some gimp called "Reid Mihalko" in the bedsit of his New York tower block. Why is it that these ideas more often than not seem to germinate in the land of the free, they previously brought us "Laughing Yoga" and f*cking Pop-Tarts... Leaders of the Free World and they devise fecking "Cuddle Parties"... Hey, maybe they should get the US troops to organise them on the streets of Iraq, bet they'd go down a storm.

Anyway whether it is to make a load of dosh for some Yankee chancers or they genuinely want to get people to express themselves............hahahahahahaha.... At $40 upwards to go to these meetings then they are coining it. Imaging Cuddle Parties in Cork... I'm sure that any time i've had some scumbag stare me in the eyes on Patrick St. at about 3 in the morning is really just a lost soul famished for some human affection....awwwwww... Well they've taken off in the States they're headin to Britain... Jesus Lord i hope they dont come here... and if they do and people pay for this sh*te.. then Lord save us and guard us...

One fella who might need to attend a cuddle party is a certain Chinny wonder by the name of Steve Staunton... Ireland v Slovakia tonight ... "Let Us Pray together now that we don't get the crap kicked out of us" Amen

Well Done to all our ticket winners who are heading to the match courtesy of the Rooster...

check out if ye fancy organising your own cuddle-a-thon

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Blarneyman said...

You never seem to have any comments so I thought I'd leave on. Ha.