Friday, January 20, 2012

The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth

ION @ BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition

WE headed along to the place where the country's brightest bunsen-burning boffins competed to see who had the biggest brain!

Myself and Tony the Cameraman (that's his actual surname) spoke to a load of science students from Cork, Dublin, Kerry, Monaghan, Clare, Wicklow and loads more.

There are some brilliant ideas in here and it's good to know that while Ireland is on it's feckin knees in debt we REALLY have some of the best brained geeks in this country.

The future's bright!
The future's boffins!

To check out all the other fantastic ION TV videos on just CLICK HERE

And, I know I can see you screaming while you nibble on your knuckles, "Where the feck is Part two???"

Well, fear not. Here be my number two...uggghhhhhhh

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