Friday, March 09, 2012

Please Don't Wine! Er..actually DO!


Man on the moon, hovering skateboards, Reebok Pumps, adult nappies, tupperware, tic-tacs, slippers in the shape of cute animals, fold-up combs... Jesus, is there any end to the list of groundbreaking inspirational ideas and inventions that have been developed by the human being.

So, it is with great disappointment that we are still faced in this, the year of our Lord 2012 with NO SMELLYVISION or TASTETV. (If only you could taste the big pea or the smell the beef cheek...all is revealed in the video).

Oh yeah, I can post that my cat has just farted or which cream biscuit rules the world but we need that extra added ingredient which would make those cookery shows just that little bit more palatable...I'm looking at you Jamie Oliver with your herb garden that changed your life...he never mentions the f*cking team of gardeners that are paid to upkeep though...AAAARRGGHHH!! Jamie doesn't mind...he's very rich.

Although, I've never been bothered by Heston's hay cooker or the Blumenthal bunsen burner. I do like a crazy cooking implement and this night had a few!

So, I was very happy indeed to go along to the 'Curious Feast for the Senses' at the Sugar Club in Leeson Street, Dublin 2 for a night of food & wine where we could eat as the chef prepared...fantastic! You don't get that on TV!

All thanks to the lovely wino people at Brancott Estate.

Cully and Sully, the Simon and Garfunkel of gastronomy were the very capable hosts for the evening.

So, here's a lovely photo of them leaning against a tree.

Oh yeah and here is the link to the video. ENJOY :-)

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