Friday, January 20, 2012


My name is Mark Linehan (aka Lenny) and this is my presenter showreel.

Okay! *drum roll*

Be warned it contains a cheesy star-wipe effect (Homer Simpson you are an inspiration!) and a number of special guests including an excited DJ Shadow, a Jedward sandwich, a chuckling Colin Farrell, a swearing Dara O Briain, Playdoh loving Irish Masterchefs Dylan McGrath & Nick Munier, a nearly teary Liam Cunningham, the lovely Amy Huberman, a winking Brendan Gleeson, sheep shearing, ice hockey lessons and loads of bits in between!

Hope you enjoy.

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Hope you enjoyed some of my best bits. However, if you laughed during this video, then you must give me a job! Contact details: Thanks :-)

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