Friday, April 16, 2010


In a week that saw me reach the pinnacle of my life, I met Crystal Swing, saw Trevor Welsh appear on 30 Rock, witness Anthony Kiedis off the Red Hot Chili Peppers read the RTE news, and see how relations between Scotland and Iceland are worse than ever:

"That Linny has an awful smell off him"

Well, Jaysus that was the week that was and it wasn't that is and it isn't and sure twas only da t'internet sensation of the moment that I schtumbled into while I was paying a visit to me old partner in crime KC. Truth be told, I have been hanging around outside in the alleyway wheelie-bins, like Oscar the Grouch for the past three days and it wasn't until someone was making a delivery that I sneaked in and hid in KC's desk until he offered a tour of the station. Luckily, I scrubbed up and removed any banana skins from my shoulders and syringes from my knees. CRystal Swing had just appeared on the Ray D'Arcy show and were waiting in the lobby so myself and Keith slid over for a few pics. After seeing the young lad going ninety with his knees on the Late Larte and Ellen I swear he's on a level with Keano and will need replacements in about two years...from hucklebucked to hucklef*cked!

I also stumbled into Radio Roy himself, the very talented Gift Grub aka Mario Rosenstock:

"Now, there's a funny fecker. Oh, and yer man from Gift Grub!"

What a surprise to see TV3's very own Trevor Welsh appear on one of my favourite shows 30 Rock during the week.

As if Trevor wasn't enough of a shock, the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers turned up to do the late night news on RTE2! Christ on a bike, I half expected Ann Doyle to leap out with straddling a drum kit with Brian Dobson launches himself naked across the studio holding a bass aloft like a Montrose Flea.

The Latest Aranman: This week, it's more about the Island Feshtival, Rage Against the Machine, Crystal Swing, Giant Lego Man, Hucklebucking, and the Simian Gareth Bale.

Just click on the pic.

Ther Volcano crisis has been solved!