Saturday, April 24, 2010


"Hey Lenny, did you drop that? It f*cking hums" "Yep. Good to be back"

So, there was a little Rooster reunion (I would say re-incarnation but I'll come back to you on that one) of a kind on Thursday night when the tall guy invited me onto his new show to chat about movies. It was fantastic to get back in the seat and throw on the old ear cans, but I have to admit I was really nervous! It's very strange when you have been doing the same thing for a number of years and you enter the comfort zone that nothing can seem to throw you, unless f course it's me moaning to KC about why the f*ck there isn't a working clock in the RedFM studio etc. (Christ, we had to rely on the computer clock for about a year and that kept jumping forward and back. Hot Tub Time Machine? just try Red Studio Time Machine..sure why would you want a clock in a radio studio :-S) Although, talking at night is a hell of a lot easier than falling out of bed after reluctantly removing yourself by caesarian section and holding onto the bed sheet like an umbilical chord. I hope you were able to check out Thursday night and we are hoping to make it a regular slot on the show and we'll go from there :-)

Jah Bless me brethren and here's to the future and tings!

If you have a chance please check out my latest Aranman.
Just click on the pic:

Apart from the fact that I'm hawking for hits ;-) There's a reason why I picked Lady Airbags above for my Aranman pic. She is a high class hooker involved in a scandal with a number of top French football players, who didn't realise she wasn't her real age...WHOOPS!!!!!

Also, I was chatting on TodayFM with KC about a brand new movie starring David Duchovny and Demi Moore called The Joneses. It's a really smart, funny piece of satire that's not too taxing and worth checking out. I did a piece about it on Bigscreen and talked about the amazing lengths companies will go to sell us their wares. Unbelievably, Pixie Geldof is supposed to have been paid 10,000 Euro by a vitamin water company who wanted her to be seen strolling around Glastonbury clutching a bottle of their brand!

Just click on the pic:

Did anyone see Jonathan Ross on Friday. One of the funniest interviews I've seen in a long time. Here's a wee clip of Louie Spence from Pineapple Dance Studio on Sky One. I highly recommend it for a Sunday night viewing. He is mental!


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