Wednesday, December 02, 2009


We all need a time when we kick back, throw off the socks, don the smoking jacket and chillax. Even if you have a heart like a swinging brick this will make you smile. So, this is what you do...think of the one thing that is making youi really angry at the moment; it could be Sepp Twatter of F.I.F.A., it coulf be Mother Nature and the rain, it could be Finance Minister Brian Lenihan and his axe, it could even be Bertie Ahern being allowed back on TV even though he is a gangster and a crook...aaannnddddd relax. Just play this video and all that anger will disappear in an instant:

Unless, of course you despise fluffy cute kittens and they l;eave your eyes with a poisonous rash. If so, this video is best left avoided.

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