Thursday, December 10, 2009

You didn't think you'd ever see that headline but it's true. No, Fiddy hasn't leaped out of the closet and in a loving relationship with Bandon exile Graham. He appeared on the show the other night alongside Jimmy Carr and Catherine Tate. It was actually pretty entertaining. I love Carr's line, "So, 50 you gave yourself a choice, Get Rich or Die Trying. How did that work out for you?!"

Here is the pic that Jimmy Carr took. He threw it up on Twitter just after:

50 Cent and Heaven scent (i think she is wearing impulse i can't help acting on it!)

And here is something I robbed ogff Dave Mac. This guy was in the Irish Examiner today and he has been sentenced to three months in prison for social disturbance. "That's a little harsh," you might say. But, wait until you see his boxer shorts...i'd have put him away for life!

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