Friday, February 20, 2009

The Tall One has gone to see The Kings Of Leon in concert so myself and the "Dark Knight" Colm O' Sullivan were on Rooster duties this morning. It was a hectic show this morning with load going on, infact at one stage i thought one of our heads may take off!! Thankfully i had my lucky woolly hat or my "Tea Cosy Teat" as i like to call it on my thatch. For me my woollen wonder is like a comfort blanket. Therefore, if you have seen clips of it on the pic we sent to the papers you'll notice i have a reassuring smile, because in the photo i accidentaly filled my pants with a dangerously underestimated arse pop but was comforted in my shame by the hat. So, it means a lot to me (got it in Amsterdam...long story...will tell sometime) and when i emerged from the studio ...Dave Mac "the Chuck Norris" of radio shouted in his inimitable joke telling style "Hey Len, you look like Papa Smurf" cue muffled guffaws. Mystified but also honoured i checked out some images of P.S. on the net:


Dave Mac is hardly one for taking the piss...Here he is on holiday in Dundalk:

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