Wednesday, February 04, 2009

In the words of Vanilla Finbar Ice...."Chill"
Here is what i was confronted with when i woke up this morning, they were in the backyard all night and i didn't get a wink of sleep. If the weather continues like this then we are going to see a lot more of this:

POLAR OI!!! The scene in my backyard. Bearfaced cheek if you ask me.

I was raging they're such f*ckin amateurs, Jesus are they professional i don't f*ckin think so ...they come in to me backyard and do this would they f*ckin like it if i broke all they're f*ckin lights...and...*breathes* Jaysus, sorry had a bit of a breakdown...i think they call it a "BALEOUT" ...Mr Dark Knight went mental on the set of his latest project Terminator: The Salvation. Here is the original if you haven't heard it:


And now as per usual with these things someone has already written a song, created a soundboard, and i expect to see T-Shirts embalzoned with "You're a f*ckin amateur" very soon. There is a dance track that is hilarious:

This is a kinda Fallout Boy take. It's by a band called "The Mae Shi" called "Are You Professional" and i kinda like it:

And on a lighter but saucier note. If you were watching the Superbowl on a certain Cable Network in the States you would have probably bruised your jaw after it dropped so hard after seeing this. Here is a clip of the Superbowl which was interrupted by 30 secs of a HARDCORE SKINFLICK!!! Imagine this happening during the All Ireland...
Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh: "And it looks like the full forward is stuck but he is pulling hard and hoping to score. He's a fine hurler...reminds me of a bullock i once knew in..."

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