Monday, February 09, 2009


Weird package that arrived from the behind the Iron Curtain:

*cue dun dun dun music!!!!!!!*

...and the opening:

...oh it's just a CD, i've watched too many Spy thrillers

Check out the track...It's a Russian/Irish ditty called Green in your Heart. I think it's fantastic and am putting it forward as the OFFICIAL Red Rooster Irish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. It will do wonders for East-West relations, is a damn sight catchier than that Dustin Dutch gabba techno shite we sent last year, and reminds me of Lennon and McCartney at their creative peak...check out the lyrics alone ...

Sing along: If the sky is falling on you...Life is a like a stone in your shooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"

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