Monday, December 08, 2008

What a weekend!!!

Met Santy on Friday, Diana Vickers with her annoying puppet hand (her Mr. Garrison impression soon got the better of her) and her Dolores (Cranberries) O' Riordan random screaming got finally quenched and then the usually brash and shouty Jeremy Clarkson lost his voice on Top Gear last night. An amazing weekend by all accounts although it was all torn to pieces like a present in a shredder when i read the news that B*witched (please tell me what the * means!!) are set to reform and grace our charts again with their ear poison.

*oh and i've worked out what this's an asterix to refer to a footnote.

footnote: * = god awful shite.

In other news i had a brilliant day on Friday DJing down at the annual Children's Party down in Fota House. It's amazing for the kids and i was as excited myself when i met the big man in red and white. Here are some pics:

Trees in the was like a winter wonderland

Clowning around...big up to Wally & Bally

...I know it looks like a board meeting at FAS, but this is the party!!!

Michael Flatley gave a loan of his Roller...nice! Minnie looks very impressed although i have to say Pluto is looking rather camp...too long in the company of Mickey methinks!!

Claire, Debbie and myself meet the man himself.

Santy tells me off about being on the bad boys list...yes i'm not letting go of that selection box

Well done to Joe Swash on winning I'm a Celeb...

...I wonder if he'll continue to snog Pensioners when he gets out?

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