Friday, December 05, 2008

Mums are Mums and this is most definitely the case when it comes to Irish Mammy's..."Will ye ever put a scarf on"..."Now don't be in too late i'll be waiting up" know the craic...It's cos they love us and in their eyes we are still the little fella with the short pants or the girl with the curls!! Or in my case both...(i'm the youngest of four lads!) Irish Mammies are very similar to Jewish Mammies and this is brilliant...This morning we played out some clips from a Stand-Up comic in the States who plays her Mother's answerphone messages on stage and because they proved so popular she has even released them on CD!!!!!! BRILLIANT!!!

"Oi vey, you need to click on dis link awlready"

Nothing is always what it seems, and this is never truer that in advertising. We are bombarded with images of scantily cald women and men selling everything from jewelry to kitchen products (although it's gotta be said the two men/women in the Bounty ads should defo keep their clothes on *retches a little*) People are sitting in boardrooms now devising ways to sell things and competition is this is why they devised 'Subliminal Advertising' I'm a massive fan of conspiracy theories cos if they're bullshit at least they're entertaining! Check out the pics and clip below for some fantastic examples of adverts that aren't quite what they seem...*cue X-Files music*

Study the picture carefully. It was used in an advertising campaign for a beer manufacturer. Notice any hidden sexual references!

And here's one that's about as subliminal as Katie Price...

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