Monday, May 12, 2008

Hope ye had a class weekend. Myself and KC spent Friday getting acquainted with a couple of canine superheroes down at the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind open day. I got an email from Niamh, one of the many members of staff doing a brilliant job asking if we would like to meet our canine equivalents down at the centre...Understandably we were very nervous about meeting Casey & Lenny but it all went really well and i have taken Lenny the Labrador's advice and i'm only going to be wearing a neck-scarf and a pair of shades from now on...well that's if the weather holds up or i grow a healthy covering of hair!!!

Here are some pics to check out:

LENNY THE LAB... All he's missing is a leather jacket...and maybe Olivia Newton John!!

Although we were both nervous the early tensions faded away and we were formally introduced...I felt like i was meeting the Pope...yes i am genuflecting

Casey & Lenny....I knew the lads reminded me of something...

Doggy Treadmill...genius

Blindfolded and ready for my practice walk...

I think Alf the Lab just spotted a cat...luckily he got me to the end of the course...mission accomplished!

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