Monday, March 03, 2008

Here i am getting started doing my best impression of Jesus...well ive always had a bit of a Messiah complex. Having never even put on a pair of ski boots before or even lifted a pair of skis the closest i ever got to sliding down a slope was chasing a cheesewheel down a hill as a young child (long story no time here) so i had no idea what to expect. The first skill i learned was actually trying to walk while wearing the foot required the ability to try and strut as coolly as possible towards the slope without looking like Frankenstein's monster!! Once i masterered that i was ready to lose my Ski virginity and throw myself headlong into the wacky world of the white powder.

Three hours of intense training later and im running(well sliding) like a kid on Christmas morning towards the lift for another go up the slopes. At the start you feel like a calf trying to walk especially when you fall over!! Once it clicks though you get really excited and get jealous of all the fun people are having on the slopes and that drives you on to reallt get it. Many people have said to me "Once you go on a ski holiday you'll never bother again with a sun hol" and i would generally shrug them off with a "Go away ye bollox" or something along those lines...Now ive gotta say i know what they mean -

Once you get the basics and learn how to STOP!!! then the fun begins!!! I couldn't believe that i had left it this long to even try on a pair of boots and after my training with Corkman John i never looked back...I would recommend it to anyone who like me has never even set foot on the slopes..I can't wait until our Red Rooster Challenge trip to Andorra on the end of March...Now where the feck did i put those skiis!!

My Ski guru John, a Corkman now sharing his ski knowledge on the slopes of Kilternan in Dublin. If you are interested in getting up to the slopes to get some practice go to -

they will have loads of info on the synthetic slope.

Twist and Shout...check out the trails from the guy in the background. He's probably from UCC Ski Club (flashy git ;-) Big shout out to those guys who were competing in a comp while i learned to walk with planks nailed to my feet...After seeing those guys competing i gotta say i was determined to get out on the real slope. We did three days lessons in THREE HOURS so i was wrecked at the end but it was well worth the effort.

We are heading off to Andorra on March 22nd and we want you guys to come with us - There's loads of info here -

or call Sharon @ Top flight 01 2401 727

And finally im always being accused of never doing anything saucy or not injecting enough sexiness into my blog...So here goes...PHWOAR!!!

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