Thursday, March 13, 2008

Is this the greatest car makeover??? It's a VW Beetle done up like the lead singer of soft rock legends KISS - Gene Simmons. Imagine if you could pimp your ride with any famous personalities head!!! The "Ian Paisley Peugeot Pout": Its a big bollox of a motor that refuses to go anywhere....Or the "Volkswagon Winehouse" Once you get her started it'll just take off...fuel could be an issue as it will involve illegal substances like red diesel...but she'll fit in any parking space.

Imagine yer ol fella pulling this up to the school gates!!!???

To be honest the replica tongue on the bonnet looks like it could be the ACTUAL SIZE!!!!!

Scene from 'A Very Special Freakin Family Guy Christmas' featuring KISS and how they save Santa...A classic episode that i couldn't find a clip of on the seems FG and Simpsons people have been hammering siters like youtube for showing clips cos of copyright...BOOOO!!!!! If any reading this knows how i can get clips drop me an email please

So instead i found this picture of a real life Peter Griffin!!!

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