Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We love 'em to bits but sometimes our old folks, they come out with some random yet innocent gems!! This morning we had "Grannies Say The Funniest Things" Of course it wasn't just restricted to our Grans...Mams, Uncles and Mad Aunties were all included and these were some of the best sent in by Rooster listeners...Fair play to ye all as these had me in tears all morning...Brilliant!!!

My mum once asked "how big is a 10 inch pizza"

My mam said, look at those poor homeless girls hanging around the back of the bus station. I told they were prostitute s. She said. It doesn’t matter what religion they are its still sad.

I asked my Mum if I could order one of those ringtones for my phone and she asked me how much the postage was

My Nan has recently become a massive fan of Countdown but she keeps asking for a continent when she meant consonant!!

My mum once saw a big black and white hairy dog and said “ooh he looks just like the durex dog” I think she meant DULUX!!!

My wifes father, who sadly passed away last year aged 82, once lost his false teeth for 2 weeks - we hunted high and low in the house but couldn't find them anywhere...........her mother discovered them on the top of the bay window roof in the garden....he must have taken them out and wrapped them in his hankie which he then shook out the bedroom window and the teeth ended up on the roof below!!!

My mum used to say that if you picked a dandelion you'd wet the bed.

I was shoppin wit my mam nd she asked me to get batteries. She proceded to shout out get durex they last longer. Meaning duracel.

A mother of a friend of mine tells her grandsons to put down those playboys! What she means is ps2... Gameboy!!

My Mam always says constipating instead of contemplating

My mother told us all one day what position my older brother was concieved in...donkey style haha

we went t c my brother play a soccer match one time, nd wen he got a free my mam shouted out.. "come on now over d bar!"

But i think the winner has to go to our very own Chuck Norris - Dave Mac who shared this beauty with us - My Gran once said “Don’t go outside yet lads as your Grandad is doing a blowjob on the door” His Grandad was welding a hinge!!! Priceless.

The Greatest Ever Audition on X-Factor...

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Is the guy on pop idol doing the aqua song available for the eurovision ? could duet with Dustin