Thursday, November 08, 2007

We had excellent up and coming singer/songwriter Owen Brady on with us this morning...He sounds a little like a very soulful Jeff Buckley...Owen and band member Kev did a live acoustic version of Owen latest single Been A Lot Better ...The reaction was superb and he has to be one of the best acoustic performers we have had in the studio on the Rooster...
Listen for yourself...Check out


And on other matters...I am constantly being accused of not having enough culture on my Blog...Every day i receive letters from folks wearing silk scarves sayin..."Oh hark Mr Lenny please engage us with some whimsy on Beethoven or regale us with a story or two about the last cheese and wine evening you attended" .. . So this is for the culture vultures...

...It's a lady playing the Cello...she just happens to have forgotten her clothes..oh how the orchestra laughed...then stared.

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