Friday, November 23, 2007

Big Shout Out to the Silversprings Hotel who looked after myself and the Tall Guy today...It was brilliant craic as you can tell from my amazing photographs!!! Outside Broadcasts can sometimes be a bit tricky ..but this went really well and the couples taking part in the WEDDING RUN were all great heads...Good luck to them all

KC doing his Gang hands and me trying to do my best Rhydian (although in order to get that look i would prob need to lick a socket and dip me head in some whitewash to get the required effect)

Our wee looks from my reflection that i should probably invest in a belt

And last but not least..Cork's very own Chuck Norris aka Dave Mac... He's finally got himself a BLOG and asked me to give him a wee bit of a plug so here ye go Maccers...

Plus he has way better WEDDING RUN PICS!!!!!!

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