Thursday, November 01, 2007

Heather Mills’ explodes in TV interview

Heather Mills


Paul McCartney's ex Heather Mills fired back at the press today in explosive interview with GMTV's Fiona Philips. But the 20-minute chat might end up doing her more harm than good after she made a series of bizarre claims. During the interview she said she raged against a neighbour who claimed Heather had killed her dog, compared herself to Princess Diana and Kate McCann and said she's been treated worse than "a pedophile or a murderer". She also outlined her plans to change the law and claimed there had been 4,400 abusive articles written about her.
Most interesting though were her comments about her divorce case. She said she'd "protected Paul for this long and I'm trying to protect him, but I'm being pushed to the edge. I have a box of evidence that's going to a certain person should anything happen to me, so if you top me off it's still going to that person, and the truth will come out."

Ohhhhhhhhhhh it sounds like he may have been partial to a sausage or burger and she has the pics!!! Or could it be the ex-Beatles addiction to spanking...
A case of "I Wanna Feel Your Hand"...or "I Saw Her Standing There" (and then she fell over).

Check out the full interview here and make your own mind up...One thing is for sure she really doesn't have a leg to stand on...Boom Boom....hmmmm

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