Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Myself and my mate Depak (I'm the one in the cap)

Jesus, Barcelona should really have more stringent entry requirements

Whos the hunchback in the cap? Oh yeah that's me. This is Barcelonata Beach where we had an apartment. Beach was class, weather was stunning, water was freezing!!!!!

Standing inside the Nou Camp where F.C. Barcelona play their home games. Its about 100,000 seat capacity and is incredible... Imagine this at Turner's Cross! Incredible.

And now we are outside Camp Nou looking like The Three Stooges. I decided to roll my sleeves up redneck style as it was an opportunity to display the rewards of my intense workout regime.

On top of the Gaudi Cathedral at Sagrada Familia. Incredible building which is still not completed after a 100 years of construction.

Okay, you may be asking yourself has Lenny suddenly developed a fetish for naked old men in slip on shoes...Well no these two loopers were spotted by my mate as we were on top of the Tower at Gaudi. Both seemed completely non-plussed by the whole thing and paaers by didn't even bat an eyelid!! The guy with the red cap is not actually wearing an underpants but it is a TATTOO!! We were unfortunate to discover this as we sat outside having a beer in the Promenade across the road... These happy campers decided to do laps around the streets with the meat and two veg swinging in the breeze... Only one day before we were perplexed by the sight of a chap cycling past us on the Beach wearing nothing but a smile on his face... This kind of put that in perspective!!! They are probably from an accountancy firm on a day out!!

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