Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"Thank You, Lord"


"The raindrops are falling upon my roof as i write letter to my love ... they remind me of how you used to tap the floor with your wooden leg and wake me up while i was watching re-runs of Prisoner Cell Block H downstairs... oh how i've missed you and your beautiful face and the way you pinned back your head every night... and how you errrggggggghhhhhhhh...

Jaysus fell asleep there and had a horrific nightmare... wow got the sweats had a mental dream there about waking up with CHER... Lord help us and Guard Us...

Anyway had a quality show today with our LIVE PROPOSALS!!! It was a beautiful thing and i felt all fuzzy inside... aaaahhhhh.. Yes we gave away a Romantic trip for 2 to the Sante Colonic Irrigation Clinic in Bantry... Must say that our lucky winners were absolutely delighted and here's hoping they get well sucked!!

REVENGE POETRY was a hoot and helped bring a Mother and Daughter from Bandon together...!! MOre about that 2moro!! BIG Cheers for PJ Gallagher and the gang for their Naked Camera award at the IFTA's ... PJ was on the show this morn and is always a welcome h=guest he's gonna have his own show soon as JAKE STEPHENS.. CLASS!

Also got THE MAGIC MAN KEITH BARRY on the show this Friday should be excellent looking forward to that one...

So thats it from me and to play me out I have acquired the services of the King Of Cool and one bloke guaranteed to get the bed sheets rattled if ye throw him on the record |Player!!!

Here he is Al Green and "Lets Stay Together"

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