Friday, February 23, 2007

Homer as a human...weird

Dear Blog,

How are you? Welcome once again to my chocolate log. If you wish to proceed answer me these questions three...

1. Glenda Gilson invades every newspaper on a daily basis.
2. Glenda Gilson has an eyebrow you could ski off.

And finally...

3. Glenda Gilson and Barry Scott (cilit bang) should be dropped in grease and sent sliding inside a pipe towards a field of hungry dogs?

If this is the first time you have read my Captains log then you should be ashamed of yourself and go back to the beginning... I've done at least three entries and i'm very proud.

Have a class weekend and here's hoping that we put it up to England tomorrow in Croker. Looks like it is gonna be a classic but hope that nothing kicks off because of some horse shit about an anthem... Jesus its just an anthem and lets face it and deal with it... and move on. Its a game of Rugby and we will do ourselves proud by ignoring the queen saving and just kicking arse!!

If you are heading for TEDFEST good luck... If you're not make sure you tune in on Monday as we will have Pope Hackett aka Ronan Leydon - our official Rooster man tellin us all about the weekend mayhem.. pics will follow!! Nuns on tractors etc...

If you're a Duke Special fan we have the man himself on the show on Monday so DONT MISS IT!!!!

Have a great weekend and go well

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