Friday, February 16, 2007

"I'll never mess with Keith Barry again" said a disgruntled Glenda Gilson after the Master of Druids cast a spell on her after she had insulted his new pair of Farah slacks.

Well hows the heads? Had a great show today chatting about Gay Dogs... really hard hitting topical stuff like that is what makes this country great! We had a texter concerned that his boxer dog was a bite on the camp side refusing the ride from an amorous Bitch...(dont worry that is just animal terminology!!!!).
Plus Keith Barry was on the show this morning... Check out the video of his spike trick... Incredible stuff... He is playing at The Everyman Theatre this Sunday... Check it out defo... As you can se from the pic above Glenda Gilson has already been on the receiving end of his wrath....!!!!

Have a crackin weekend and love to ye alll!!!
Easy Now.

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