Monday, November 27, 2006

THE LATE LATE LOONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Howdy people.... How are ye gettin on.

If anyone saw the man who accosted the usually 'charismatic flow' of Pat Kenny on Friday night would have heard the man himself on the show this morning. Paul Stokes from Dublin was on the show before talking about his Road Accident Prevention System which he saod would end all accidents, cancel world debt, end World Wars and give any man the ability to give his wife multiple orgasms.... Well the interview started off fairly well until he started talking about How HE was gouing to remove Bertie Ahern from Government and take over THE WORLD.

He sounds like he would be perfect for a PINKY & THE BRAIN cartoon or stroking a cat on James Bond..

Heres a clip of Pat 'The Plank' Kenny doing what he does best.... looking uninterested and wooden even in the face of a header...

Well done Pat

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