Thursday, November 30, 2006

Can't believe that it is coming to an end... no not the World although judging by the weather today i will be getting a lift with an Amazonian tribesman in his homemade Kayak... Rain f*ck off..AAAHHH now that i have calmed down.

I mean IACGMOOH yes I'm a Celeb is finishing tomorrow night... that pleasure of sitting back in your armchair munching on a garibaldi or a nice biscuit supping on a cup of cha will Z list gobshites clamour to increase a percentage of their public life by demeaning and humiliating themselves by getting covered in shit and being laid out in bugs...FANTASTIC!

I don't know about you but i am a great fan and Ant & Dec are two of the most naturally funny geezers on TV at the moment... Very funny Geordies.

Jason Byrne is on the show tomorrow so don't miss him .. very funny man with a natural flair for off the wall madness.... go on ye fecker ye.

By the way I have posted a video of KC as he has been nice enough to post a video of myself rehearsing my Dance moves for the new series of Jigs & Reels for RTE's.

Go Well

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