Friday, November 24, 2006

Hello to yez all. If you were listening to the Rooster this morning you would have heard one of the funniest Women/men on TV at the moment. Yes Da 'Durty Old Wan' joined us for a chat about large cocks and her fruit and her Penny Apples!! PJ Gallaher then took the phone and I nearly went into a coughing fit in the studio just suckin on dry air cos i was laughing so much. He is defo one of the most natural comedians in Ireland at the moment and is a lot ,more natural as a comic than some gimps out there, cerytain Yanks come to mind...

But inallinanyways we also gave away 10 GRAND to a lady in Little Island... What a Chrimbo she has lined up now !!! The missing words were JEOPARDY (Par in Golf... Geddit!!!) ... Sorry!!!! and EMOTION as uttered by our guest Noel Edmonds who was on the show recently.

Loads of hug/thanks/shout outs and kisses (no tongues) to all of ye for entering the comp ... the phone l;ines went absolutely bananas on Friday morning.. smoke was coming from the fecker i tells ya.

And obviously for listening .. Class (did i mention yer the most beautiful audience out there! Lovely feckers!!)

Have a belting weekend and all that

See ya MOnday


Lennington Steele

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