Thursday, November 03, 2011

Dublin City Marathon 2011

ION @ The Dublin Marathon 2011

There was a time when a "marathon" just involved peeling a wrapper and munching down on a solid rectangle brick of peanut, caramel chocolate and dried squirrel balls* NOW, not only have they changed it to Snickers but it also involves 42 km of gruelling running from one point to another point...Henry Ford is rolling in his grave people!!!

Well, he may have given us the motor car but these 14,000 runners are giving a lot more. Blood, sweat, tears, joy, and most importantly over €10 MILLION raised for charity.

These people are legends. WE spoke to a Lion, a Zombie, Santa Claus, The Ghostbusters, a blind woman who is running her THIRD marathon, Ray D'Arcy the ~TodayFM main man at the finish line, and many more.

*this was regaled to me by a man who drank turps for tea, often ate his own underpants and once sucked a fart out of his own arse when using a lift. Therefore it is hearsay and comment and I'm clearing myself of libel in this instance. Phew!

So, let your finger loose on the play button and enjoy the Dublin City Marathon 2011 as seen through the eyes of ION:

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