Monday, September 05, 2011

Time to Plug out of the Picnic! Now to recharge.
Grouplove in a tent? No, a teepee!!

Yes, it was an electric weekend up in Stradbally. Only a little driving misty sideways wetness on Friday night to dampen some of the crowd's resolve but otherwise a glorious sunny escapade. Had to stay pretty sane for the entire weekend as this is the first festival I've ever officially worked in a media capacity. This meant heading early to bed on Friday (2am) so I could be fresh for the interviews...however my plans were scuppered by a shouty twat who insisted on singing the first two lines of the National Anthem and then repeating them..again...and again...and again and if that wasn't enough he insisted on singing yes you guessed it the first two lines to Nothing Compares to You by Sinead O Connor. "A voice like Celine Dion Ted", he did not. 'Mr Two Lines Man'. Always a popular punter wherever you go. I buried him in the woods.

Saturday was crazy with bands to be interviewed and crazy things to do and see in the 600 acres of electric eclectic madness.  There's loads of clips from the crowd, festival food, weddings in blow-up churches, people pumping hard, rolling boobs down hills, (this should really be a new spectator sport!!, the incredible backwards walking man! 37 secs in on same video) dancing, screaming, pies and a huge collection of crazy sunglasses and clothing!

We have interviews with fine Irish up and coming bands who will be household names soon enough. There's Shouting at Planes, Cocophone, Katie Kim, Hot Sprockets, Favourite Sons, The Gorgeous Colours - a real mix of some great Irish Acts. Comedy comes in the form of Dermot Whelan (in which he said his coat was made of chickpeas so I had to lick it to check!) and the great Foil, Arms and Hog. Check them all out here:

There's also the King of DJ's and the one that every person who has ever bought a vinyl, attempted to scratch or just fancied themselves as a bedroom DJ then this man needs no endtroduction: DJ Shadow. He's a very serious guy when talking about music. He don't mess around. It was just before his gig and I'd say that he approaches a set like a General going into battle. I offered him a treatsize Curly Wurly, but he's not a fan ;-) Also spoke to a band called Grouplove...they're from the States and will be huuuge I'd say. Click on the pic above to see me carry out my psychic test and a collective high five vibe!

Here's one of their songs, 'Tongue-tied' I reckon big things are on the horizon. Very catchy track.

Just click on the pic for full interview:

My shadow. Nothing to do with the DJ. Although DJ tripod springs to mind! scary.

Mad for Trad in the Body & Soul. Mental!

DJ Shadow does his stuff

Poetry at a festival. Rock and Roll!!

"Did you hear the one about a Banana, Shark and a Bearded Laydee?"

I hope to be back :-)

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