Monday, August 15, 2011


This week I had my ION The Kilkenny Arts Festival

Yes, with apologies to South Park. I'm afraid that is actually the second time I have robbed that joke and used it in print ( is still actually have the page from the paper!). The first being my stint at the Irish Examiner back in the second neolithic cave man Jurassic dinosaur flare wearing days of the early 2000s...Ahhhhhh remember them heady days when a hedge fund was just used to pay the gardener.

Anyhoo, I spent Saturday with the great and good of the KAF and ran around like a badger exiting an all night rave to cast a spell over that cracking city and to undertake some Top Gear style being to hunt down Gemma Hayes in a church another to get a rabbit hat fashioned from balloons and another to find a reclining naked man!

Here's the video. Hope you likey!

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