Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Did all this rioting start with a pair of jeans?

With all this rioting and stock market crashing..thank f*ck for Harrison Ford!

Although he really does remind me of 'The Brain' from Pinky & The Brain (don't know this classic cartoon...Google now!) Rupert Murdoch is possibly the most powerful man in media and no matter how the hacking scandal damages him he will still dive like Scrooge McDuck (Google now!) into a swimming pool of cash. At least we can console ourselves that one of the richecst and scariest men in the world still looks like a div in a pair of shorts and a cap. Sharon Stone he is not: CHRIST

Shield your eyes :-(   Now, here's a brilliant clip from the Guardian website. It's a great insight intoi the Murdoch mind. Don't worry it doesn't contain any gratuitous crotch shots...or does it!


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