Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Security is tighter than a Robin's ringpiece. Cordons left, right and centre in the Capital. Here are a few pics taken of O'Connell street and the surounding area. I was asked for ID three times and had my bags checked. Obviously I don't mind, but today was not a good day to be carrying around my rather extensive collection of 'Weather Ladies Wear Rubber' pornography.

I love a gate but this is offence-ive... Sorry.

"If I knew you were wearing the same dress I would have changed."

"Erm, now lads we're we all supposed to gather here?"
"Yes Pat, this two metre squared area is notorious for Ra heads."

It's unusual that there's so much security when she was already out last night banging yokes at a club in Ballyfermot!

"Oooh Phillip one is mashed!"

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