Thursday, August 13, 2009


She may already have a Nutcracker made in her honour...

...and nobody can accuse her of not having the balls, but Hillary Clinton the US Secretary of State got a little miffed recently on a trip to the Congo when a student (who sounds like a little girl!) asked a question. He made the mistake of confusing Barack Obama with Bill Clinton (i know easily made... :-S ) and should probably have practised his inquiry. Check out Huillary's response and the way she shuffles in her seat, "That's what i'm saying' biach, umm, umm, aw huh" *shakes finger* Get ready for handbags at 50 paces..It's Clit....sorry Clint Power:

And finally after Bantry man Ray Payne became the only Karate Champion in Ireland and in Europe methinks to reach 7th Dan, an incredible achievement. Well Done Ray and to celebrate let's return to 'Toilet Seat Man.'

Ray you might be 7th Dan but can you do this - TOILET SEAT WORLD RECORD BREAKER

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