Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well, i haven't dropped a blog in a while so i promise to make sure i attach myself to the bowl and squeeze out one daily for the forseeable future. Had a few days off last week, and after the disappointment of the Meteors (would love to say it's alright, but i am a bitter individual and doing impressions of tapes going backward at your acceptance speech deserves a proper itchy fucking case of rabies to the accused...Freddie Starr was doing that twenty odd years ago and that says it all) And relax....ahhhhh, floating on clouds overlooking a beautiful seascape...Deep Breath...ahhhh, that's better. So, i did a Kenny Egan and legged it...not the celebrity skyscape of New York for me though...i found myself kidnapped and forced to work on the set of Fair City playing five different new characters wearing the body suits of the actors who are kept in a Silence of the Lambs style dungeon as the Producer runs around screaming about fava beans and strip lighting...Thank God i managed to get out alive eating my way through the sugar walled set...blacking myself up to fight Richard Dunne and then hopping into Peter Stringer's gearbag jumping out at Blarney as he headed back from the Grandslam victory do in Dublin...and here i am.PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning we did a bit on advertising jingles from Radio and TV...well mainly all TV...It was the Welcome to the Jingle Quiz oh yeah...Here are the the answers:

1. Bran Flakes
2. Fudge
3. Wine Gums
4. Natural Confectionary Company
5. Kia-Ora
6. Softmints
7. Cadbury's Dairymilk...eyebrows thingy!
8. Milky Way
9. Pat the Baker
10. Rainham Sheds

You won't recognise the last one. That's because i found this site on the internet with the BEST ADVERT JINGLE EVER!!!

Anyone that can incorporate The Weather Girls "It's Raining Men" with selling Sheds is a GENIUS.

Here's a few of my personal favourites...ah takes me back:

and this used to just freak me out...a post box pillar chewing his head off...AARRRGHHH *legs it* plus yer man looks like he has some serious spinal condition:

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