Thursday, March 26, 2009


Ever wondered where Anjelina Jolie gets those fat lips and boney arms...erm hold on that's genetics and starvation .... OKAY that's not a good example but most of the stars we see these days are so airbruushed in magazines that they look like they have permanently stepped into a dodgy 80's movie dream sequence and their actual real life limbs, bits, bobs, and anything that they think might make the reader hurl, are nowhere to be seen. Don't know if you have seen this clip before but even if you have, it is a classic and gives you an idea of what is involved:

And every good video needs a Parody...SO HERE'S ONE FOR THE LADS:

Now, that, as Coca Cola say is The Real Thing!!!!

But we can't do a segment on beauty without mentioning the Brian Cowen 'Moob' (Man Boob) Fiasco currently gripping the country...and if we're talking men who could do with an underwire bra then we have to have Peter griffin:

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