Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Sardinian Adventure:

Well we've been back for over a week and the tan has well and truly dissolved...i had to declare it at Customs on the way back and it was taking off me in order not to depress anyone who hasn't been on holiday yet :-(

So haven't had an opportunity to throw up some of my holiday here goes:

Crystal clear waters and some stunning alcove beaches make Sardinia a real find. (jesus i sound like i'm on No Frontiers!) Seriously though it's an amazing island especially if ye just want to chill out and catch some rays. The average temp while we were there was about 36c! You could have cooked an egg on the pavement!

View from the hotel. This was in a place called Santa Caterina di Pittinuri...sounds like a mouthful but was also an eyeful. Hotel was on a cliff-side and had some of the most incredible panoramic scenes i have ever seen. Very few people spoke English so my ten year old Italian phrasebook was essential. I did have one experience where i was trying to order an Italian coffee i thought was called a "mercato" so i was straining to explain what i wanted "Erm, Mercato please". At this point she shrugged her shoulders and looked at me like i had a skidmark slapped across my forehead. Needless to say i opted for Tea, at which pooint she just mumbled something that probably went along the lines of "What a langer i'll enjoy rinsing my knickers in his tea". It wasn't until i got back that i found out that a "Mercato" is in infact a Market. Maybe she thought i was gonna set up a stall :-(

Bad Apple: I couldn't resist taking a pic of this evil looking fruit. It was part of a children's fair. If you look closeky enough at the pips you can see it's eyes! *shudders*

Believe it or not this is a parked car. It looks like it fancies giving the other cars a peek! "Ooh check out me bumpers!"

TWO LEGGED HORSE! Scary thing is the fella riding in the cart had four. AAARRGGHHH!!

Oh Yeah...nearly forgot about this pic i managed to snap of a twisted looking Amy Winehouse leaving one of the island's hotspots.

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