Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The magnificent Parkhead...home to the 'Holy Goalie' and super shot-stopper Artur Boric (fella in yella) who got the nickname cos he always crosses himself before taking to the pitch!!! :-)

Crowds head back after 3-0 victory but Hearts were admittedly Mam would have put away some of their chances...Barcelona on Wednesday will be a REAL test!!!!!

Me looking like i am wearing a neck brace and believe me i was as cold as i look it was FREEZIN!!!

In the famous BAIRDS PUB which is where loadsa fans go to before the match..its on the road to Celtidc Park and is full of scarves, posters, signed photos of players past and present...If you look at the pic even Baby Jesus has a Celtic scarf on!!!!

Pub we had a couple of bevvies in...I thought the name was pretty appropriate :-)

And finally my idea of COMPLETE HELL- Its an Indian Restaurant which doubles a s a Karaoke Bar!!! Jaysus imagine tucking into your Lamb Biryani and some boiler is banging out the final screeching strains of Whitney Houston's classic 'I will always Love You' almost waking the dead...i know exactly where i'd stick my poppadum!!!

This tuner is said to send Doggies Do-lally!!! Released as a charity single for an animal charity in New Zealand its been a huge hit...pity you can't hear a thing unless you have a pair of paws and can lick your own balls...(No Big Mike ...i mean a dog...phew!!).

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