Friday, February 08, 2008

Im off to da London innit for the weekend so i might get lucky with yer wan who lives in the Palace lets face it ever since i worked as a junior vet ive wanted to give a dog a bone...Fnnnarrr fnnnnarrrrrr *cue Syd James CarryOn snigger*

Anywho i will do my best to do some celeb spotting and have set myself the challenge of obtaining audio or visual evidence to back up my make sure you check out on Monday to see if my quest for the ring has been fulfilled...hopefully i won't run into these freaks below...apparently they are the "UK's Premier Ant & Dec lookalikes"...they just look like demon children to me forged from the bowls of hell and Jesus look at the foreheads those yokes could fuckin drive in nails..."look into my eyes, into the eyes not around the're under"

have a good weekend and go well

Finally to celebrate Chinese New Year here is some top class Comedy from China's Premier Stand-Up...Hon Kif Ulik Tities

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