Thursday, April 21, 2011


Although in this situation I hope that I will be able to make clips until me hair tis greay and my bowels run astray. Here's a clip of a brand spanking new addition to called I-ON (as in "eye on" geddit? very clever, ye see all those years at Uni paid off!) that is a video magazine hosted by yours truly and featuring a ton of comedy, music, movie, exhibitions and events and the punters who attend. It will be a great craic and obviously the most important people are yourselves, so if we stop you for a chat say hello! Gonna start in the Capital and then work our way around the country.

This one is all about Fast & The Furious 5 - Rio Heist. I went along to the premiere party to speak to the fans of the monster motor movie.

WARNING: This clip features gratuitous boobs, (Georgia Salpa and hot blonde) even more gratuitous attempts at comedy, loads of fans, clips from the movie, and to top it all...a fantastic Gardai outtake....stay to the's gas! Wooooop Woooop!

So, please give this video some love on youtube and pass it on if you can :-)

Fankooooo xx

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