Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I plan to start my day with a bowl of gin and cornflakes, Riverdance myself to the bookies, wade through the dyed green river to a hooley, catch the eye of the highest ranking farmer's daughter, fight bare-knuckle for her honour in a hay bail cage and then finish the day off with a set-dance. So, between the jigs and the reels to pre-empt my stereotyped drunken Irish behaviour, I will not have time to update this blog on Drunken Day.


Patriotic sweets. "Amhrán na Bean"

Here is a selection of videos that will hopefully amuse one:

Possibly my favourite Simpson episode:

Here's a Paddy's Day greeting from a very early U2. This looks like it was filmed around the same time Angela's Ashes was based :-/ Watch the Edge playing football it's hilarious!

The Muppets in Aran sweaters = Comedy Genius.

And for the alcoholics:

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